I'm Overweight

Discussing my issues with weight and how it plays a part in my overall health and well being.

I'm Overweight

This is a very personal post. I'm overweight and without giving specific numbers, I'm really overweight.

Let's start way back when I hit puberty lol. I started puberty well before most of my friends. I had always been a "normal" weight as a kid and was very active playing Hockey. But once I hit puberty things slowly started to change for me.

After I went through puberty I gradually started to gain weight during my teens and by the time I had reached adulthood I was really overweight. Side note, I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s but I don't like to use that as an excuse for being overweight.

Over the years I've realized that I am 100% an emotional eater. I also eat out of boredom. I'm also an enabler. And I feel like my Husband is also an enabler. We often binge together.

A few years ago we both decided to try the Low Carb High Fat (Keto) way of eating and it worked. I managed to lose close to 40KG and it felt amazing. I was going to the gym on a regular basis and Husband was having major success also. But eventually old habits came creeping back in and all the weight came flying back on.

Now, I don't want to sound like a cliche but now I'm a parent I need to lose weight and be healthy. I owe this to my kids. They deserve the best version of me. I also want to practice what I preach. I'm always talking to them about healthy food options and the benefits of exercise. One day they're going to realize that I'm not exactly the most qualified to be giving them this advice and they may decided to follow in my foot steps.

I also understand that I shouldn't be doing this just for my kids and that I need to do it for myself. I don't hate or loathe my body at my current weight and size but I do fantasize about what it would be like to be able to walk into any clothing store and be able to look at all the clothes and not have to walk straight the plus size sections.

So why the post about being overweight? What does this have to do with anything? Although its a physical thing, I think it plays an integral part of my emotional and mental well being also. By blogging about it my goal is that it will help me be held accountable.

I'm not planning on going on some fad crash diet or jumping straight into the gym and getting into exercise hardcore but I am going to be making some small changes which in turn will lead to some success which will motivate me and encourage to push even more.

So, whats my plan?
Step 1: Cut out sugar, bread and processed foods.
Step 2: Go for a walk at least twice a week.
Step 4: Blog about it. I'm hoping by blogging about it, it will hold me accountable.

I'm planning on sharing some of my fave recipes and exercises and any other tips and tricks I find helpful and beneficial along the way.

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